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An Irish Myth Concordance
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An Irish Myth Concordance
by Mike Nichols

'Myth is what we call other people's religion.'
--Joseph Campbell

The following concordance is based on 'Gods and Fighting Men' by Lady Augusta Gregory, first published in 1904. Page number references are to the 1976 trade paperback edition published by the MacMillan Company of Canada Limited. Breif supplimentary material is taken from 'Dictionary of Irish Myth and Legend' by Ronan Coghlan, published in 1979 by Donard Publishing Comapany, and referenced as 'DIM' in the following text.

As this is intended to be a concordance of the Irish mythological cycle only (as opposed to heroic, legendary, or historical material), references are limited to Part I, Books I - V, of Lady Gregory's volume. 'Gods and Fighting Men' was selected as the primary text for this concordance because this represents the most comprehensive synthesis of variant sources (both published and oral) ever attempted as a continuous narrative of Irish mythology. Lady Gregory lists her published sources as follows:

O'Curry   'Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish'
    'MSS. Materials'
De Jubainville   'Cycle Mythologique'
    'Epope'e Celtique'
Hennessy   'Chronicum Scotorum'
Atkinson   'Book of Leinster'
    'Annals of the Four Masters'
Nennius   'Hist. Brit.' (Irish Version)
Zimmer   'Glossae Hibernacae'
Whitley Stokes   'Three Irish Glossaries'
    'Revue Celtique'
    'Irische Texte'
Nutt   'Voyage of Bran'
    'Proceedings Ossianic Society'
O'Beirne Crowe   'Arma Columcille'
Dean of Lismore's Book Windisch   'Irische Texte'
Hennessy et. al.   'Revue Celtique'
    'Kilkenny Archaeological Journal'
Keatinge's   'History'
Curtin's   'Folk Tales'
    'Proceedings Royal Irish Academy'
    'MSS. Series'
Dr. Sigerson   'Bards of Gael and Gall'
Miscellanies   'Celtic Society'
Muller   'Revue Celtique'
Standish Hayes O'Grady   'Silva Gaedelica'

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