Witchcraft & Law Enforcement
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What Law Enforcement Agencies Need to Know About Witchcraft
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What Law Enforcement Agencies Need To Know About
by Mike Nichols

Below please find information on the modern religion of Witchcraft. After being the victims of hundreds of years of 'bad press', Witches are beginning to go public and to define themselves and their religion.

We hope, by this endeavor, to counteract the tendency to associate psychotic events or Satanic rites with the practices of our life-affirming beliefs. Moreover, we acknowledge the need to establish positive interfaith dialogue with members of other local religious communities.

Although there are a number of Witchcraft Anti-Defamation Leagues throughout the country, none are presently active in the Kansas City area. Thus, we at the Magick Lantern have compiled this information to provide an overview of Witchcraft, or Wicca, in its contemporary form. The Magick Lantern is a bookstore founded in 1984 to serve the occult community of Kansas City. Its owner, Mike Nichols, is an ordained minister of Wicca, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of that office.

We have included in this outline a brief statement on each of the following:

Of necessity, we have merely highlighted these aspects for you. We cannot illustrate the entire panorama of our diverse religion, but we have tried to convey a basic understanding of the Craft of Wicca. On request we can furnish more detailed information or a representative authorized to speak on our behalf.

Blessed Be,
Mike Nichols
[N.B. -- The Magick Lantern ceased operation in 1989.]

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