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A Welsh Myth Concordance
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A Welsh Myth Concordance
by Mike Nichols

"Books are words of wisdom spoken by the dead to the living."
--Welsh proverb

The following concordance is based on the four branches of the Welsh "Mabinogi", as retold in the four books by Evangeline Walton: "Prince of Annwn", "The Children of Llyr", "The Song of Rhiannon", and "The Island of the Mighty". Unfortunately, the Ballantine editions of these books, which were used in preparing this concordance, are long since out of print. Although later editions have been published, they do not maintain the same pagenation as the Ballantine originals. Therefore, I have not included page number references in this edition of the concordance, although I reserve the right to add them to future editions, if standard editions of the books are published. Walton's original publishing dates span a range from 1936 to 1974.

The Evangeline Walton books were selected as the primary texts for this concordance because they, like Lady Gregory's treatment of the Irish myths, represent the most comprehensive synthesis of variant sources (both published and oral) ever attempted as a continuous narrative of Welsh mythology. Although Walton does not list her primary sources, an educated guess would be that the Lady Charlotte Guest edition formed the basis of the works, with supplimentary material drawn from various scholarly sources (most notably on the Welsh Triads).

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