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Mike's SCA Coat of Arms
Gyronny Vert and Argent, a Griffin Segreant within a Bordure counterchanged
Forgotten Sea Coat of Arms
Barony of Forgotten Sea
Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc.
Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc.

"The Shire of the Forgotten Sea"

A song by Mike Nichols

 Other Mike Nichols' Web Sightings


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

  • This sixties spy show was way more popular than "Mission: Impossible" in its day, so why isn't it a movie yet?!
  • (WM note: It is Mike! <LOL>)

The Chad & Jeremy Fan Page

  • Acknowledged in the Discography section for contributing full track listings for a number of their albums. This British sixties music duo was always a favorite of mine.

Kansas City Ragtime Revelry

  • A home page for Kansas City's premiere Ragtime society. I was formerly on their Board of Directors, and still contribute articles to their newsletter, "The Revelry Rag", which are archived here.


Kansas City NEXRAD -- Doppler radar image from the National Weather Service at Pleasant Hill, MO. Updated hourly, or more frequently in severe weather.

Topeka NEXRAD -- Sometimes it's easier to see the leading edge of storms that are tracking toward Kansas City from the vantage of Topeka's Doppler radar.

KCTV-5 Live Power Doppler -- Updated every three minutes; just re-load the image.

KCTV-5 CityCam -- An almost live look at scenes all over the Kansas City area - updated every 1/2 hour.

Current Overland Park Stats -- From the National Weather Service.

Kansas City Missouri Now Forecast -- And finally, the actual forecast.


Kansas - home sweet home, lots of regional links.

The Star - home sweet newspaper, the electronic version.

Music - My Collection

Liner Notes from my Mix Tapes
Like many people who love music, I love to make my own custom tapes to listen to. But here's the kicker. I write my own liner notes for them! Mostly about rare Sixties music. But some Ragtime, too. Check it out!

Music - Ragtime

You are listening to Scott Joplin's immortal Ragtime waltz, "Bethena"

Mary Haley's Ragtime Home Page - Combining European harmonics with African rhythms, Ragtime music was the first "popular" music in our country. Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" sold over a million copies! It would have been a gold record had there been records. It was sheet music, instead. Find out more about it at this site. Especially, follow the links to the MIDI files. Ragtime is especially well-suited to MIDI performances.

John Roache's Ragtime MIDI Library - I first encountered John's Ragtime music files when I owned a Commodore-64, and they were amazinglygood! Just imagine what he has been able to do with MIDI. This is a great looking site!

Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime, March & Waltz Website - another archive of great Ragtime MIDI files.

The TurpinTyme Ragsters (Dead Link - 10/13/09) - Kansas City's own Ragtime concert band. Their first CD, "Trouble" has just been released. They were featured at this year's Scott Joplin Festival in Sedalia, MO. For my review of their CD in the K.C. Revelry Rag, click here and scroll down about half the page!

Music - Rock & Pop

The Monkees Home Page - Sixties music rules. I won't put a ton of links to sixties bands, but this one holds a special place for me. Also, their home page is terrific. A tragically under-rated group.

The Chad & Jeremy Fan Page - Chad & Jeremy were a British pop duo of the mid-1960s. As part of the British invasion, they recorded about 75 songs had a string of hits in America from 1964-1966. They're best known for such tunes as "A Summer Song", "Yesterday's Gone", and "Distant Shores". In 1967, though their hitmaking days were done, they began to create more serious and adventurous music that is little-remembered today.

The Harpers Bizarre Home Page (Dead Link - 10/13/09) - If only! Why this marvelous sixties group doesn't have a fan page is beyond me. Maybe now that their new anthology CD "Feelin' Groovy" is out, there will be. Drop me a line if you hear of one. Until then, here's their entry at All Music Guide.

Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency - A singer/songwriter of extraordinary insight, John was always running against the wind. As one reviewer put it, he was folk after the boom, a cowboy before the rhinestones, country before it was cool, and rock when disco ruled. For 30 years, there's been no one else quite like him.

Al Stewart Online - Al Stewart is a Scottish singer/songwriter, best known for his hit "The Year of the Cat." He writes very literate songs, often with many layers of meaning and historical references and metaphors. One of the things he does best is to combine a historical situation with a personal one.

Audities On-Line - Sixties music is dead only in the U.S. European audiences are crazy about latter-day sixties music, referred to as "power pop". Here's an electronic journal devoted to it.

Sixties British Rock Chronology - And for those who want to know about the British Invasion groups of the sixties, this is a great place to learn.


Internet Movie Database - the biggest movie database anywhere.

Ultimate TV List (Dead Link - 10/13/09) - for all you couch potatoes.

TV Guide Online< - plan tonite's viewing!

The Ultimate Disney Link Page - for the Disney-obsessed. (I got to meet Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston once. I actually shook the hand that had drawnThumper!)

The Avengers - next to U.N.C.L.E., this was the coolest sixties spy show.

Dark Shadows Home Page - bleah!

The Stan Freberg Page - rumble rumble rumble, mutiny mutiny mutiny!

Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch - the creator of Chickenman!

A Ghostbusters Fan Page - I just never get tired of this movie.

Twister Homepage (Dead Link - 10/13/09) - Another one I just never get tired of.


Alta Vista (Formerly AltaVista Technology, Inc.) - my favorite search engine.

Guide to Computer Vendors - a nerd site for folks who do tech support. 
(WebMaster's Note: This site still exists but the guide is no longer being supported or updated.)

List of Listservs - this often comes in useful.

CWSApps List - 32-bit - the best place to get all your Internet Applications.


Actually, I do have more friends than this, but few of them have personal home pages yet. But more will be coming soon, I'm sure.

Frank Blair - long-time friend and member of the Celtic band Gabriel's Gate.

Michael S. "Mac" Miller - Friend & hard working WebMaster.

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