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Thanks be to thee, silver Lady of the Sky,
Mother kind, ever-renewing, ever-fulfilling,
For thy fertility, abundance and blessing
That thou bestows upon us continually.
Whatever good fortune befalls us as thy children,
In our portion, in our lot, in our path,
Give to us with it the rich gifts of thy guidance,
And the joyous blessing of thy wisdom.
We are thy children, dear Goddess,
In spirit, in heart, and in flesh,
In thought, in speech, and in deeds,
We are blessed in thy sight.
Put forth to us the magic of thy love.
Bring us to the starlight realm and
Bathe us in the Cauldron of Immortality,
Like the fire on the mountain, like the mystery on the lake.
In the spiral enchanted path of our calling,
Be it easy or uneasy to our spirit,
Be it bright or dark for us to follow,
Thine own star of guidance be upon us.
Be thou a shield to us from the wiles of deceivers,
From all our enemies with doubts pursuing us,
And in each secret thought our minds do weave,
Be thou the hand upon the loom and the shuttle.
Though the Hounds of Annwn reive us from this world,
Be Thou the mistress to the Master of the Hunt.
Whatever matter or cause or propensity,
That would bring to us grief, or pains, or wounds,
Or that would bear witness against us at the gorsedd,
On the other side of the door to the fairy mound,
Oh! do Thou obscure it from our eyes,
And from our hearts drive it for ever.
Now to the Mother who gave birth to each creature,
Now to the Maiden who taught her people well,
Now to the Crone, who comforts us in strength:
Shield and sain us from every evil working;
Be about the beginning and end of our days,
Be giving us to sing the mysteries,
In peace, in rest, in the Land of Youth,
Where no tear shall be shed, where death comes no more.
Where no tear shall be shed, where death comes no more.
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