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I am lying down tonight,
With Mother, with Maiden,
With the Crone of Wisdom,
Who shield me from harm.
I will not lie down with Cythraul,
Nor shall Cythraul lie down with me,
But I will lie down with the Goddess,
And the Goddess will lie down with me.
Lady and Maiden and Sacred Crone,
Within the Circle of the nine sacred flowers,
Be protecting me as Three and as One,
From the brow of my face to the soles of my feet.
I charge Pwyll, I charge Arawn,
I charge Modron, I charge Mabon,
I charge the trustful Hounds of Annwn,
To preserve me from hurt and harm;
O from dying tonight!
From dying tonight!
Thou Queen of the moon and of mystery,
Thou Maiden, daughter of the Goddess fair,
Thou Crone, mother of the ancient gods,
Keep thou us from the house of grief and doom,
Keep us from the land of sorrow,
From the house of grief and doom.
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