O Dagda of my love,
Thou it is who woulds't us guide,
Thou fragrant body of grace,
I invoke you!
Hear us, thou All-Father,
Who didst encircle and protect thy people,
Succour thou us in time of need,
I implore you!
Lift our flocks to the hills,
Quell the wolf and the fox,
Ward from us evil spectre and fury
And enchantment.
Encircle Coven and Covenstead,
Encircle family and pets,
Keep from them the dark star,
And the night-mare.
Sprinkle dew from your cauldron upon us
Give growth to grass, and corn, and sap to plants,
Watercress, deer's-grass, 'ceis', burdock,
And daisy.
O Ruad-rofhessa,
On the barque of the gods,
On the crests of the waves,
On the sea, on the land,
Aid and preserve us.