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For use ONLY at the four High Holidays.
All lights in the Covenstead are extinguished and total silence is maintained.
The High Priest and/or his designate(s) ascend to a nearby hill and in the dying rays of the setting sun,
they kindle the new fire using these words.
The fire is then carried in procession back to the Covenstead.
I kindle this fire today
In the presence of the Holy Ones,
Without malice, without jealousy, without envy,
Without fear of aught beneath the sun,
But the High Gods.
Thee we invoke, Belenos,
O Light of Life;
Be thou a bright flame before us,
Be thou a guiding star above us,
Be thou a smooth path beneath us,
Kindle thou within our hearts
A flame of love for all our neighbours,
To our foes, to our friends, to our kindred all,
To all on the broad earth, O mighty Belenos,
From the lowliest thing that liveth,
To the Name which is highest of all.
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