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Thou Nuada the victorious,
I make my circuit under thy shield,
Thou Nuada of the white steed,
And of the bright brilliant blade,
Conqueror of the dragon,
Be thou at my back,
Thou rider of the storms,
Thou warrior of the Tuatha,
O Nuada the victorious,
My pride and my guide,
O Nuada silver-handed,
The glory of mine eye.
I make my circuit
In the fellowship of my hero,
On the machair, on the meadow,
On the cold heathery hill;
Though I should travel ocean
And the hard globe of the world
No harm can ever befall me
'Neath the shelter of thy shield;
O Nuada the victorious,
Jewel of my heart,
O Nuada Argetlamh,
Danu's champion thou art.
Be the sacred Triad of Magic
Aye at peace with me,
With my horses, with my cattle,
With my woolly sheep in flocks.
With the crops growing in the field
Or ripening in the sheaf,
On the machair, on the moor,
In cole, in heap, or stack.
Every thing on high or low,
Every furnishing and flock,
Belong to the holy Triad of magic,
And to Nuada the victorious.
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