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Each meal beneath my roof,
They will all be prepared together,
In name of the Goddess of plenty,
Who gave them growth.
Milk, and eggs, and butter,
The good produce of our own flock,
There shall be no dearth in our land,
Nor in our dwelling.
In name of Manannan of my love,
Who bequeathed to us enchantment,
With the blessing of Mongan,
And of Fand, his mother.
Strengthen us at thy sailing,
Be thine own ship beneath us,
Ward from us evil spectre and glamour,
And preserve us.
Consecrate the produce of our land,
Bestow prosperity and peace,
In name of our Mother, the Great Queen,
And of the three birds who escort Her.
Dandelion, smooth garlic,
Foxglove, woad, and butterwort,
The three carle-doddies,
And marigold.
Gray 'cailpeach' plucked,
The seven-pronged seven times,
The mountain yew, ruddy heath,
And madder.
I will put water on them all,
By the power of the maiden Goddess,
In name of Danu the generous,
And of the Crone.
When we shall sit down
To take our food,
I will sprinkle in the name of the Goddess
On the children.
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